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Romantic Getaways / Honeymoon Holidays

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Are you a romantic person? Are you hopelessly in love? Are you looking to travel to a dream holiday destination to propose to your love? Are you getting married soon? Looking for a great honeymoon? Or are you someone lost in marital discord looking to repair a marriage? Marriage on the rocks? Whatever be your situation in a relationship right now or in the future, this beautiful group of islands, Maldives in the Indian Ocean is perfect romantic therapy to spice up your romance.

Warm sunny beaches, pristine blue waters warm throughout the year, world class hotels and resorts, spas and rejuvenating therapies, exotic gourmet food fresh from the ocean, nature at its best; isn't that the perfect recipe for the most romantic getaway to Maldives? We offer you a myriad of honeymoon packages in Maldives that will allow you to relax and get to know your partner in the quietness of Mother Nature. Enjoy togetherness! You will not be disturbed unless you want to be! Sun, sand, lagoons housing exotic sea life! Nature automatically sets you into a romantic holiday mood as you fly into the Maldives. Plenty of activities to do together in warm sea waters which is haven for colourful sea life. Dining at the underwater restaurant is a romantic experience in itself. Watching exotic fish swim overhead as you savour the best of fresh seafood makes one lose track of time. To top it all off, one can engage in underwater photography and shoot some brilliant videos to relive romantic memories once you are back home. When you feel the need to recreate the romantic mood, all you need to pick out the Maldives album or watch the videos you shot together.

Your honeymoon need not be a once in a lifetime experience either. You will relive the honeymoon over and over again, every time you come back to these magical islands.

Visit Maldives to spark your romance….!!!


Tour Plan

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Day 1

Arrival in Paradise

Day 2-3

Private Beachfront Bliss

Day 4-5:

Underwater Exploration

Day 6-7

 Island-Hopping Adventure

Day 8-9

Luxury Cruise Experience

Day 10-11

Wellness Island Retreat

Day 12-13

Secluded Island Paradise

Day 14

Farewell to Paradise